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About this site

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Thank you for visiting Eiken GENOME SITE.
Eiken GENOME SITE http://loopamp.eiken.co.jp/e/ ( hereinafter called "this site") is operated by Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd.
The provision for using this site given below is applicable to all the accesses and all the utilization of this site and its contents.
To contact us, please press "Contact us" to send us your inquires.

 About copyright
The copyright and trademark for all information, such as articles, pictures and illustrator words and graphics, belong to Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd. unless specially stated.
The information provided on this site should only be used for personal or non commercial purposes. The contents of this site can be downloaded, but changing the contents or rewriting and copying is forbidden.
No matter through what channel or for what purpose, unless agreed by our company, any copying or spreading of the information is forbidden.
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This site is built on the basis of the decency of Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd. We do not certify the completeness or the accuracy of the information given.
If any information on this site is found erroneous, it can be changed without any notice in advance.
If any damage or casualty should be caused by the using of this site, this site and Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd. does not bear any responsibility.
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 Links to this site
Any link to this site requires prior written consent of Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd. If you want to make a link to this site, on agreeing with the following requirements, please send us your name, contacts and the URL for making the link from. After receiving your request, we will reply to inform you our decision.
- The linked URL should be, in principle, the top page of this site (http://loopamp.eiken.co.jp/e/). For requiring other linked URL, please specifically address your request. Direct links to graphics or files will not be granted.
- Except the top page address, files or directories on this site is changeable without prior notice.
- The logo and trademark owned by this site should not be used to present the link. If any banner (logo) is needed to present the link, please specifically address your request while requesting the link.
- In the cases that the link causes misidentification of this site, damages this site's credibility or has the risk of economic loss, the link will not be granted.
- In the cases that the link shows this site's pages together with other contents, or displays this site as a part of the linked homepage, the link will not be granted. The link should always display this site from a new browser.
The link from a third party's homepage should be aimed at providing users further convenience. If any damage or casualty should be caused by using the link, this site and Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd. does not bear any responsibility.
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 Privacy policy
All personal data collected on this site will be managed abiding by the privacy policy of Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd.
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 Browser compatibility
For optimizing performance of viewing this site, the following browsers or softwares are required. Please confirm your software version and download the software if required.
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[Plug-in software]
Part of this site need Macromedia Flash Player 5 or above to view.
For reading or printing PDF files, Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or above is required. For playing streaming animation, Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.0 or above is required (please notice that streaming animation cannot be played by Mac OS 9)
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[About Java script]
Part of the content in this site uses Java script.
If the Java script of the browser used is inactive, it might not function properly or might not display properly. It is recommended that Java script set as active when browsing through all contents on this site.
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