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The LAMP method provides a 'simple, rapid, specific and cost effective' genetic test method for detecting known genes.
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2018.4.24 Malaria-LAMP (Toward to World Malaria Day, 25 April 2018)
2018.3.20 About World TB Day
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2013.9.24 The Fourth National LAMP Research Forum(Cheng Du, China)

“LAMP” which stands for Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification is characterized by its use of four different primers specifically designed to recognize six distinct regions on the target gene and its process being performed at a constant temperature using a strand displacement reaction.
Amplification and detection of target gene can be completed in a single step, by incubating the mixture of sample, primers, DNA polymerase with strand displacement activity and substrates at a constant temperature (in the region of 65°C).
It provides high amplification efficiency, with DNA being amplified 109-1010 times in 15 - 60 minutes. Because of its high specificity, the presence of the target gene sequence can easily be detected just by judging presence of amplified products.

Eiken aims to apply the LAMP method to such fields as medicine, agriculture, food, animal husbandry, environmental protection, and also develop and sale LAMP products, reagents and instruments, to detect bacterias, viruses and human genes.


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