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The principle of LAMP method 

Using Loop Primer

 Principle of Loop Primer
The Loop Primers (either Loop Primer B or Loop Primer F), containing sequences complementary to the single stranded loop region (either between the B1 and B2 regions, or between the F1 and F2 regions) on the 5' end of the dumbbell-like structure, provide an increased number of starting points for DNA synthesis for the LAMP method. An example is shown in the figure where there is an amplified product containing six loops. In the original LAMP method, four of these loops would not be used, but through the use of Loop Primers, all the single stranded loops can be used as starting points for DNA synthesis.

 Time saving by Loop Primer
The investigation on how Loop Primers affect amplification time (original method: no Loop Primer; rapid method: with Loop Primers) shows that the time required for amplification with Loop Primers is one-third to one-half of that without Loop Primer. With the use of Loop Primers, amplification can be achieved within 30 minutes.

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