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Loopamp  Fluorescent Detection Reagent For research use only

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Only by mixing this reagent with Loopamp DNA Amplification Kit or Loopamp RNA Amplification Kit (RT-LAMP) before the reaction, results can be visually observed.
About instructions for using this reagent, refer to the package insert.

UV irradiation requirements for Loopamp Fluorescent Detection Reagent.
Fluorescent Detection Reagent

 Contents of the kit

(1) Fluorescent Detection Reagent (FD)* 0.1 mL ×1 tube
* The notation on reagent tube is shown in ( ).

 Unit, Storage, Expiration, Code No.

Unit Storage Expiration Code No
96 tests -20°C 1 year LMP221

 More information

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Package insert (PDF)
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