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Loopamp products 

Loopamp   Product list

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 Reagent kits

For environmental inspection purpose Loopamp Legionella Detection Kit E
Loopamp Cryptosporidium Detection Kit
Loopamp Giardia Detection Kit
For the purpose of foods and environment inspection Loopamp Salmonella Detection Kit
Loopamp Verotoxin-producing Escherichia coli Detection Kit
Loopamp Verotoxin Typing Kit
Loopamp Escherichia coli O157 Detection Kit
Loopamp Listeria monocytogenes Detection Kit
Loopamp Campylobacter Detection Kit
For animal husbandry Loopamp Bovine Embryo Sexing Kit
For research use only Loopamp DNA Amplification Kit
Loopamp RNA Amplification Kit (RT-LAMP)
DNA Amplification Reagent D
RNA/DNA Amplification Reagent D

 Primer sets

  Loopamp Primer Set for West Nile Virus
Loopamp Primer Set for Koi herpesvirus


  Loopamp Realtime Turbidimeter (LA-500)

 Supplemental reagents

  Loopamp Fluorescent Detection Reagent


  Loopamp Reaction Tube

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