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Loopamp  Realtime Turbidimeter (LA-200)

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Loopamp Realtime Turbidimeter (LA-200) is a device specifically for the LAMP (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification) method, a novel gene amplification method.
With the time and temperature preset, gene amplification will occur, and the detection can be done by simultaneously monitoring the white turbidity caused by the existence of magnesium pyrophosphate, the amplification by-products.
Realtime Turbidimeter (LA-200)


1. Up to 32 samples can be amplified and monitored every 6 seconds simultaneously.
2. With the arrangement of 8 samples / block, the block temperature can be set individually.
3. Each computer can control up to 4 devices of LA-200*.
4. Uses hot bonnet to prevent sample from vaporizing.
5. With the specific software, simple operation is possible.
6. The specific software is capable of evaluating the amplification reaction starting time and various parameters (initial template nucleic acid number, etc.).
*Function under development: will be available after version update.

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