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Loopamp  Legionella Detection Kit E For environmental inspection purpose

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This kit can sensitively, rapidly and simply detect Legionella spp. in environment water (hot spring, bath tub, cooling tower water, etc.). This is a LAMP-based reagent kit which uses Legionella 16S rRNA sequence as primers for the detection of Legionella spp.

By using real-time turbidimeters, detection does not require electrophoresis and all steps from amplification to detection are done within one reaction tube. Comparing with the conventional methods, the detection of Legionella spp. can be done much faster.

Legionella Screening Kit E


1. This kit can specifically detect the gene of Legionella spp. in environment water.
By using 4 primers to recognize 6 distinct regions, the kit can specifically detect Legionella spp. while non-Legionella spp. shows negative results.
2. Samples determined positive by culture method can be accurately detected by LAMP.
Legionella spp. detected as positive in bath tub water samples by culture method also gave positive results by LAMP method.
3. Rapid detection can be achieved.
With the specified real-time turbidimeters, detection can be completed in about 60 minutes.
4. Nucleic acid amplification is detected by real-time turbidimeters.
Electrophoresis is not required. Detection can be done by measuring the turbidity caused by the amplification by-products, white precipitate of magnesium pyrophosphate.
5. Amplification and detection can be achieved in one step.
From nucleic acid amplification to detection, the whole process is done in one step in one single tube.

 Contents of the kit

(1) Extraction Solution for Legionella (EX Leg)*1 1.8mL×2 tubes
(2) 1M Tris-HCl (pH 7.0) (Tris)*1 1.0mL×1 tube
(3) Reaction Mix. Leg (RM Leg)*1 1.0mLĂ—1 tube
(4) Bst DNA Polymerase (Bst DNA Polymerase)*1 60µL×1 tube
(5) Positive Control Leg (PC Leg)*1 0.1mL×1 tube
*1 The notation on each reagent tube is shown in ( ).
* This kit is for the purpose of environmental detection of Legionella spp.. It is not for medical or clinical diagnostics purposes on human or animal samples.
* Use Loopamp Reaction Tube for the reactions.
* For more details, refer to the product information the following.

 Unit, Storage, Expiration, Code No.

Unit Storage Expiration Code No.
48 tests -20°C 1 year LMP661

 More information

Restrictions on the sales area of this kit is applied, please contact us for detail.
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