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Loopamp  RNA/DNA Amplification Reagent D For research use only

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Loopamp RNA/DNA amplification reagent D is the reagent for amplification and detection of target nucleic acid by LAMP method, and used in combination with originally designed LAMP primers or primer set products.
One step amplification of target RNA can be achieved due to the reverse transcriptase contained in the amplification reagent.
Start the reaction by dissolving the dried amplification reagent that is kept in the cap of reaction tube (inside of rib) with primers solution and sample solution and keeping the reagent at a constant temperature.
The amplification reaction can be visualized by the calcein in the reagent.

RNA Amplification Kit (RT-LAMP)

 Contents of the kit

  For 96 tests
Dried RNA/DNA Amplification Reagent 48 tubes ×2

 Unit, Storage, Expiration, Code No.

Contents Storage Period of validity* Product code
96 tests 1 - 30°C 1 year after production LMP247
* Products are stable until the expired date printed on the label at the storage temperatures.

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