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Quantification method

 Quantitative analysis by real-time turbidimetry
Quantitative analysis by real-time turbidimetry
1:2×109copies. 2:2×108copies. 3:2×107copies. 4:2×106copies.
5:2×105copies. 6:2×104copies. 7:2×103copies. 8:without template DNA
(B) The relation between the threshold times (Tt) of each sample and log of the amount of initial template DNA (mean ±S.D. : n=3)
The Fig. A above shows the results of real-time turbidity measurements in the LAMP reactions that concurrently started from different quantity of initial template DNA (prepared by serial dilutions) and the amplification time required to exceed the turbidity of 0.1 (Tt). The result indicates that Tt value is related to the quantity of initial template, in the range between 2×103 to 2×109 copies, a plot of Tt versus the log of the initial template DNA shows a linear relationship (Fig. B). These results revealed that the calibration curve of the quantity of initial template, obtained using the real-time turbidimeter, can be applied in quantitative LAMP analysis of the target genes.
Real-time turbidimetry of LAMP reaction for quantifying template DNA
Yasuyoshi Mori, Masataka Kitao, et al. Journal of Biochemical and Biophysical Methods, Vol.59 145-157, 2004
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