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SNPs typing - SNP typing on cloned DNA

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 CYP2C19 SNP typing using cloned DNA
CYP2C19 WT primer

The figures show the SNP typing results (detected by fluorescence) of CYP2C19 gene with Wild Type (WT) primers (the upper figure) and with Mutant Type (MUT) primers (the lower figure) respectively.

By using WT primers, only Wild Type template can be amplified. Similarly, MUT primers only amplify Mutant Type template. Therefore, SNP typing can be achieved by detecting the presence of the amplified product.
CYP2C19 MUT primer
Validation of the Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Method for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Genotyping with Whole Blood
Masaomi Iwasaki, Toshihiro Yonekawa, et al. Genome Letters, Vol.2 (3) 119-126, 2003
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