About LAMP

About LAMP method

"LAMP" which stands for Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification is a simple, rapid, specific and cost-effective nucleic acid amplification method solely developed by Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd.

It is characterized by the use of 4 different primers specifically designed to recognize 6 distinct regions on the target gene and the reaction process proceeds at a constant temperature using strand displacement reaction.

Amplification and detection of gene can be completed in a single step, by incubating the mixture of samples, primers, DNA polymerase with strand displacement activity and substrates at a constant temperature (about 65°C).

It provides high amplification efficiency, with DNA being amplified 109-1010 times in 15-60 minutes. Because of its high specificity, the presence of amplified product can indicate the presence of target gene.


  • There is no need for a step to denature double stranded into a single stranded form.
  • The whole amplification reaction takes place continuously under isothermal conditions.
  • The amplification efficiency is extremely high.
  • By designing 4 primers to recognize 6 distinct regions, the LAMP method is able to specifically amplify the target gene.
  • The total cost can be reduced, as LAMP dose not require special reagents or sophisticated equipments.
  • The amplified products have a structure consisting of alternately inverted repeats of the target sequence on the same strand.
  • Amplification can be done with RNA templates following the same procedure as with DNA templates, simply through the addition of reverse transcriptase.